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    Consider following for submitting the pictures:
    Photos should be current and natural and we prefer non-professional.

    1. Headshot straight on

    2. Full length body shot

    3. ¾ straight on

    4. Headshot profiles

    Things to keep in mind

    1. Do not smile

    2. Do not pose

    3. Shoot with a plain wall or simple background behind you

    4. Wear a swimsuit

    5. Digital photos are best

    6. Keep your hair pulled back

    7. Do not send large photo files

    8. Be as natural as possible - NO MAKE UP!!!

    9. Make sure to include all your statistics including, age, birth date, height and measurements

    Headshot straight on
    Full length body shot
    ¾ straight on
    Headshot profiles


    1. I'm at least 13 years of age.

    2. I'm not uploading photos taken on my iPhone – they're real photos taken by a photographer and show my full body, face
      and features

    3. If I'm under the age of 18, I've got consent from a parent or guardian.

    4. I do not have a criminal record.

    5. By checking this box I agree to receive information about happenings and events, new GMA videos and content, updates
      from behind the scenes and special offers and partners.

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